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We are faced with many global challenges – poverty, the pandemic, global health and of course the climate crisis. But no matter how many more challenges we face, we believe that there is no reason for any child to go hungry.

This is the motivation behind 500kperday – an initiative with “partners in change”, Outside the Bowl Africa aims to provide daily nutrition to 500 000 kids in need every single day. Outside the Bowl Africa is a non-profit company that produces highly nutritious meals to feed children in our communities. To reach this target of 500 000 meals per day, they’ve partnered with entrepreneurial communities that are passionate about driving genuine change through their dynamic supply chain initiatives.

But we can’t do it alone, and we are thankful that we are supported by the most gifted and talented social entrepreneurs. To achieve our goal of feeding 500 000 kids per day, we have combined our skills to create a formidable platform that is unique and complex in its makeup yet so simple in its objective.  And it’s only with the help of YOU, the person reading this, that we will make our target of feeding 500 000 kids per day.

It’s time to make a change. Not tomorrow, not next year, right now. Follow 500K Per Day and Outside the Bowl Africa on social media and join the community to be part of the difference!

This initiative is dedicated to all those kids out there who deserve the opportunity to thrive.

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